As one of Canada's most experienced solar teams, you can count on POWER SOURCE 360 to design, install and support your complete renewable energy project.

 We help our residential, commercial and agricultural customers achieve the freedom that comes with being in control of their energy production and usage.

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Energy storage is the key to a sustainable energy future. Our POWER VAULT energy
storage pack enables home, commercial and agricultural customers to achieve
energy autonomy and manage resources more efficiently and sustainably.
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noun. [in-di-pen-duh ns]

Freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

Let POWER SOURCE 360 help you take complete control of your energy needs and eliminate high energy bills.

POWER VAULT energy storage systems can be powered by wind or solar to provide you with a reliable energy supply without being connected to the grid.
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Shift your reliance away from the grid during peak periods by using your own stored energy that was purchased at lower time of use price periods or harvested from solar or wind.
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Use the grid to your advantage when needed based on an energy autonomy – give energy back to the grid for a credit towards your electricity costs or use the grid for energy overflow demand.
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Reliable energy supply, powered by the POWER VAULT energy storage pack. Energy on your terms, whenever you need it.
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